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Premiered at the Portland Festival on June 5th, 2019. More festival screenings will be announced soon.


"A tense thrill ride that explores a compelling “What would you do?” scenario. It sucks you's creepy, but it's got intelligence and empathy." ~Aisle Seat

Stay Out Stay Alive is fine, suspenseful scare fare, with rousing set pieces, a pervading sense of doom, masterly direction, and super performances from its ensemble cast.” ~GruesomeMagazine

"Stay Out Stay Alive is a suspenseful descent into the power of greed...Not only is the film bubbling with tension, but it also sends a powerful underlying moral and social message to the audience...The film also boasts a terrific ensemble cast." ~BloggingBanshee

"a film that grips the audience one moment after the next...Stay Out Stay Alive is a tense ride with a lot of great moments" ~ TroubleCity

“Dean Yurke’s bitter little horror thriller makes for a satisfying morality play…keeps you guessing until a legitimately gripping climax.” ~BirthDeathMovies

official trailer:

Five friends are consumed by madness and greed after they discover an abandoned goldmine.

Inspired by true events


the story:

What would YOU risk - what would YOU sacrifice - for easy riches? STAY OUT STAY ALIVE is a psychological morality tale about human nature, free will, and the curse of insatiable greed. A group of young hikers discovers an abandoned 19th century goldmine in Yosemite, California. An earthquake plummets one of the group members down the mine shaft where she is pinned under a rock. The group must choose between saving their friend by calling the park rangers for assistance, or taking the time to unlawfully mine the discovered gold for themselves. As they descend into madness and greed, the group is shadowed by a haunting presence, a ghostly remnant of the atrocities committed against Native Americans during the goldmine's 19th century past.

Inspired by True Events:

STAY OUT STAY ALIVE is based on true events and inspired by both the California Gold Rush-era Mariposa Indian War and the curse of Chief Tenaya issued as a result of that conflict between gold miners and Native Americans, as well as the current phenomenon of people exploring the 500,000 abandoned mines across the U.S. and falling afoul of the hazards these mines pose. Learn more here.

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