"A tense thrill ride that explores a compelling “What would you do?” scenario. It sucks you's creepy, but it's got intelligence and empathy." ~Aisle Seat

Stay Out Stay Alive is fine, suspenseful scare fare, with rousing set pieces, a pervading sense of doom, masterly direction, and super performances from its ensemble cast.” ~GruesomeMagazine

"Stay Out Stay Alive is a suspenseful descent into the power of greed...Not only is the film bubbling with tension, but it also sends a powerful underlying moral and social message to the audience...The film also boasts a terrific ensemble cast." ~BloggingBanshee

“Dean Yurke’s bitter little horror thriller makes for a satisfying morality play…keeps you guessing until a legitimately gripping climax.” ~BirthMoviesDeath

"a film that grips the audience one moment after the next...Stay Out Stay Alive is a tense ride with a lot of great moments" ~ TroubleCity